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Biography taken from www.dyingoath.bandzoogle.com

Dying Oath may be new to the scene, but it has been in the works for quite some time…

The Band originated with many different members. Through time and tryouts, they finally managed to put together the right musicians with the right amount of heart, drive, and dedication to push the project to new heights.

Originating from Rural Retreat, a small farm town in southwest Virginia, the band has seen its share of hardships and struggles. Just finding members who met all the necessary criteria took over a year to accomplish. Nonetheless, Dying Oath has proven that although the area is dominated by Country and Bluegrass, that Metalcore, with its crunchy rhythms and sweeping melodic leads accompanied by a combination of delicate clean and hardcore vocals, can indeed succeed.

Members of Dying Oath Include
Mindy Jackson – Hardcore Vocals
Jeb Baxley – Clean Vocals
Joshua Hagee – Lead Guitar
Ryan Endicott – Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Matney – Bass Guitar
Jacob Richmond – Drums

In an effort to showcase some of the material that the band had been working on meticously for several months, Lead Guitarst and primary composer Joshua Hagee decided to pick up the gear necessary to make rough recordings of their tracks and jump on a local event happening in Rural Retreat. Although the tracks were much less than studio quality, the fans of the local scene really connected with what they heard. This combined with a perfromance at “Rock Retreat III” hosted by DMP presents and organized by Adam Seelbach (Inferior Design), launched the band into a status they never expected.
Dying Oath continues to push the envelope of the local metal community with the support of many other local acts and endorsements from Alloy X and Alloy Radio, Dirtbag Clothing, and Artist development program with Will Baker of Eye to Eye Records, and an unheard of partnership with a Haunt Scene podcast known as Haunted Honeymooners.
The band also began working with Injected Smile Studios to remix and master their current material to add a clean studio performance to their music, hopefully pushing them to even greater heights. The date for the album is still undetermined but is estimated to be released by late summer 2020 with the re-release of “Modern Testament” (Now available on Spotify, itunes, amazon music etc.)
The bands second single coming from the upcoming “The Rebellion” EP is set to release July 3rd with an assortment of accompanying content.
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